Easy View Back Seat Mirror Review (Diono)

Easy View Back Seat Mirror
What It Is
If you've got a child in a rear-facing car seat, you probably want to take a peek every now and then just to see what your child is doing when riding in the car. The Easy View Back Seat Mirror is designed to make it easy for parents to see their child by simply looking in their rearview mirror and without having to readjust the rearview mirror. The Back Seat Mirror securely attaches to any adjustable headrest without blocking rear window visibility. It doesn't have to be positioned directly above the baby because it rotates 360 degrees and pivots to get the right viewing angle. The shallow convex shape of this lightweight seven-inch mirror offers a large and clear reflection. EVA foam padding on the back panel protects your car's upholstery from scratching and ensures that the mirror remains stable even when your car drives over bumps. Diono says the mirror has been crash tested.
Why Is It Useful?
Backseat mirrors are a standard item that you'll find in almost every parent's car. It just gives parents peace of mind to check in on their baby without having to turn around in the passenger or driver's seat. This mirror is very easy to use, and we like that it rotates and pivots so you can get the angle just right without messing with the driver's ability to safely see out the rearview mirror.
Who It’s For
The Easy View Back Seat Mirror is for parents to use in their cars with infants in a rear-facing car seat.
What To Be Aware Of
Diono says the mirror has been crash tested.
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