Muslin Bundleme Review (JJ Cole)

Muslin Bundleme
What It Is

This Muslin Bundleme from JJ Cole is an ultra-lightweight Bundleme made of soft, breathable fabric. Designed to protect infants from the sun, and keep them comfortable, it provides a light covering when out in a stroller or in car seat. A lightweight alternative to a blanket, this is practical, and completely functional, allowing caregivers to stroll with ease without having to adjust a blanket. To install the Bundleme, place it directly on the car seat or stroller and extend the elastic strap around the back. With the BundleMe unzipped, pull the car seat or stroller's safety straps, and buckle through the openings. Completely adjustable, there are three slots for the shoulder straps and two for the bottom buckle to grow with the baby. Zip up the Bundleme once your little one is strapped in securely. If the temperature changes, simply unzip the top layer without having to disrupt the baby. 

Why Is It Useful?

A lightweight alternative to a blanket, the Bundleme is practical, and functional. Once secured to a car seat or stroller, it doesn't need to be adjusted, allowing caregivers to stroll or drive with ease. The soft, breathable fabric is a great options for babies, and it's machine washable. 

Who It’s For

The infant size Bundleme is for babies up to 21 pounds or 1 year old to protect infants from the sun, and keep them comfortable when out in a stroller or in car seat. 

What To Be Aware Of

Additional colors are available, and all are machine washable. 

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