Spider-Man Sinister 6 Color Shock Slinger Review (Hasbro)

Spider-Man Sinister 6 Color Shock Slinger
What It Is
The Ultimate Spider-Man Vs. The Sinister 6 Color Shock Slinger is an updated version of the classic Spider-Man Web Blaster. It comes with a Spider-Man glove, gauntlet, can of colored Web Fluid (aka silly string) and a water bottle that can fit into the gauntlet and be used to blast water instead of the Web Fluid. The glove is one size fits most. (Kids, that is. It's a tight fit for most adults.) Strap on the gauntlet and go to town. Other versions of the same toy are available, featuring Kid Arachnid and Iron Spider. They're basically the same toy, with a different glove and different colored Web Fluid.
Is It Fun?
The iconic Spier-Man hero move is blasting web. This lets kids feel like they're doing it for real. It inspires all kinds of active, imaginative role play as kids take on the persona of their favorite web-slinger. For kids who see Captain America: Civil War, the younger interpretation of the character may be particularly relevant and inspiring.
Who It’s For
This is for kids ages5 years and up. It will appeal to kids who are Spider-Man fans who have active imaginations and love taking on different superhero roles. 
What To Be Aware Of
Active kids may go through the Web Fluid fairly quickly. Refills are available. 

For best results with the Web Fluid, shake the can well before use, and point the the can slightly upwards as you blast the web. 

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy