Melody Jams Review (Melody Jams)

Melody Jams
What It Is

Melody Jams, from Melody Jams, is a simple and intuitive, music-making app game that allows kids to create, and then jam with, their own monster band. The music making screen is laid out with a stage in the center, and a collection of cartoon monsters with unique instruments on the bottom of the screen. Kids create songs by scrolling through the available monsters, then selecting and dragging the monsters onto the stage. The created song plays as the band is created, and each band member monster has an immediate effect on the song's sound. Once a desired sound is achieved, players can join the performance, and jam along with the monsters using a piano, drums or xylophone, which pop up on the bottom of the screen.

Is It Fun?
Melody Jam's clear, cute, and user-friendly interface allows kids to make their own music. Since the jams happen while kids are creating their band, the result and reward is instant--and kids don't have to download or upload anything to hear their song. All they do is select and drag their monsters to hear their created jams. 
Who It’s For
The Melody Jams app is rated for ages 4 and up in the iTunes app store. We think kids around the ages of 4– 7 will enjoy it most. Older kids might want to check it out, but will probably find it a little too "kiddie" for them. 
What To Be Aware Of

Melody Jams is currently available for iPhone and iPad as a free download. At the time of this review, no information was available as to whether the app will receive an Android version.  

The app's first jam, called Garage Band, is available immediately with the app, for free. New Jams with additional monsters and instruments will be released, and provide a great reason to return to the app. These additional Jams will cost money.

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    None or Very Easy

  • Melody Jams from Melody Jams
  • Rated 4+
  • Available on: iOS
  • Available April 6, 2016