Disney Infinity 3.0 Black Panther Figure Review (Disney)

Disney Infinity 3.0 Black Panther Figure
What It Is
The Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Black Panther Figure, from Disney Interactive, is a collectible figure of the Marvel character, Black Panther, from the movie Captain America: Civil War. The non-articulated, Black Panther figure is is mounted on a display base, and posed in an action stance that looks like he is about to attack an enemy. The figure unlocks a digital version of The Black Panther in the Disney Infinity 3.0 edition video game. In the video game, Black Panther has a fast dash move and claw slashing attacks. 
Is It Fun?

The Infinity Black Panther figure will look great in an Avengers- or Marvel-themed display. The digital Black Panther character that players can unlock in the Infinity video game provides fans with a new way to play with the Black Panther and his unique, sharp skills. With Disney's announcement to stop making new Infinity figures in 2016, and the Black Panther stand-alone movie, we think this figure will become very collectible. 

Who It’s For
The Disney Infinity, Marvel's Black Panther figure is for Marvel fans, and Disney Infinity players, ages 6 and up. We think kids will enjoy playing with this Black Panther figure, and its corresponding digital character in the video game. Marvel collectors of all ages will like having Black Panther in a display or collection.
What To Be Aware Of
In order to access the digital Black Panther character, you will need the Disney Infinity 3.0 edition game. The figure will not work with the first two editions of Disney Infinity. You do not need the video game to collect and display Black Panther on it's own. 
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