Budsies Review (Budsies)

What It Is

Turn your child's artwork into more than just refrigerator decorations. With Budsies, what a child draws can be turned into a 16-inch plush toy. Draw a picture, and then go to www.budsies.com to upload the picture. (It can be uploaded from a PC, attached to an email from a PC or phone, or texted from a U.S. phone.) And that's it! The designers approve your design, pick the fabrics used to create your plush toy, sketch and cut the fabrics, sew and fluff your toy, double-check it for quality, and then ship it to you. The whole process does take some time, about four weeks, but you can pay more to expedite the production time. Either way, you receive email updates throughout the process to give you a better idea of when to expect your Budsie.

Is It Fun?

The whole online ordering process was very easy to complete, and we appreciated the email updates to let us know how far along our Budsie was coming. The finished product ended up being a great, high-quality rendering of our drawing, and we think it will be a lot of fun for kids to see their creation in 3-D toy form. Your artistic abilities, or lack thereof, are not even an issue. The Budsies team doesn't believe that such a thing as a "bad drawing" exists and can turn any drawing into a quality plush toy.

Who It’s For

Budsies are for ages 2 and up. They're a great way to turn a child's favorite drawing into something the child can actually play with off the paper.

What To Be Aware Of

For even more fun, you can create a plush toy called a Selfie based on a photo of a person ($79) or a Petsie, which is a plush toy based on a photo of your favorite pet ($149). The creation process is the same as with the Budsies. All Budsies, Selfies, and Petsies can be ordered from www.budsies.com.

You can upgrade the size of your Budsie to 30 inches for an additional $29. A birth certificate can also be purchased separately for $5.

For giftgivers who want to give a child a Budsie but don't have a drawing done by the child, there are Creativity Kits at different price points ($29.99, $99.99, or $129.99) that all come with crayons, a sketchpad, colored pencils, a storybook, and a six-inch Budsies Mascot plush. The higher-priced kits include Budsies vouchers for either a 16-inch Budsie or a 30-inch Budsie so that kids can design their Budsie and send it off to be created.

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