Forb Mini Review (Boon)

Forb Mini
What It Is
Unscrew Boon's Forb Mini, fill it with dishwashing liquid, and get your dishes sparking clean. This looks like a colorful flower but the super-tough silicone petals will work overtime in the kitchen. It dispenses soap with a simple push and the durable silicone petals help resist mold and mildew buildup. Boon says this is safe for nonstick cookware. This is for use by adults only as this is a cleaning product and not a toy. 
Why Is It Useful?
Brighten up your cleaning routine with the Forb Mini from Boon. This mini soap dispenser/cleaning tool packs a punch in the kitchen.
Who It’s For
Boon's Forb Mini is for use by adults. It's meant to clean baby and toddler bottles, cups, dishes, etc. But it can certainly handle a sink full of dirty dishes.
What To Be Aware Of
Forb Mini is not a toy. This is a cleaning product for use by adults only. It is top rack dishwasher safe. Do not sterilize it. It is available in two colorful options. Boon has a line of additional cleaning products.
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