Discover America Puzzle + Play Review (Crocodile Creek)

Discover America Puzzle + Play
What It Is
Crocodile Creek's Discover America puzzle and playset is a 100-piece huge floor puzzle. It is 27x36 inches and comes with 21 stand-up play figures and 50 states fact booklet. The finished puzzle features a really fun and bright map of the U.S.with roads across the map of the U.S. with an informative, yet whimsical border of the states alongside an image that represents the state. When the puzzle is complete, get ready to learn and play more. Set up the figures on the stands, place them on the appropriate state and use the car figures to travel around. All of the figures, except for the vehicles, have an image on one side and the corresponding state on the other, so you know where each one should go and what that state is known for. The 50 states fact booklet contains the capital, population, state animal, and fun fact for each state. Ages 4 and up.
Is It Fun?
This map is really fun to put together and has plenty of bright, informative details. The figures add even more fun as you learn and travel around the U.S.
Who It’s For
Discover America is recommended for ages 4 and up. Great for those who love to learn new things in a fun way and solve puzzles.
What To Be Aware Of
This puzzle took us about 25 minutes to complete. Puzzle picture featured on the outside and inside of box.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy