The Dwarf in the Drawer Review (Square Fish)

The Dwarf in the Drawer
What It Is

If you're getting a little tired of elves on shelves, then maybe you'd like to try a new Christmas tradition this year with The Dwarf in the Drawer. Billed as “a mischievous parody”, this book and plush toy set is all about a dwarf who lives in your underwear drawer all year long. But unlike a certain someone else who only shows up around the holidays to spy on you and report back to Santa, the dwarf is a little more relaxed. He just wants everyone to enjoy the holidays and not be so stressed out. You can even cuddle and hug him, something you can't do with your shelven-bound “friend”. 

The book is written by L. van King and illustrated by Chuck Gonzales.

Is It Fun?
The holidays are stressful enough, and The Dwarf in the Drawer is a fun and funny alternative to other holiday traditions that leave parents scrambling to come up with Pinterest-worthy ideas and cause kids to stress out about being perfect or else Santa won't bring them gifts. If you've experienced elf overload, then you might want to check out this cuddly, chilled-out dwarf.
Who It’s For
The Dwarf in the Drawer is for ages 3 and up, and the parents of those kids who are way over other popular holiday traditions.
What To Be Aware Of
The plush dwarf toy is surface wash only.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy