Marvel Captain America Civil War Miniverse Marvel's Hawkeye vs. Black Panther Review (Hasbro)

Marvel Captain America Civil War Miniverse Marvel's Hawkeye vs. Black Panther
What It Is

The Marvel Captain America Civil War: Miniverse Concept Series Marvels' Hawkeye vs. Black Panther, from Hasbro, is an action figure two-pack of characters from the movie, Captain America: Civil War. The pack includes two Avengers characters that are known for their hunting skills, Hawkeye and Black Panther.

The figures have a few points of articulation, and a decent amount of detail in the body sculpts. The Hawkeye figure comes with a removable bow and a quiver that can be attached (and detached) from the figure's back. Black Panther comes with three armor accessory pieces that snap onto the figure.

Is It Fun?
These Miniverse Hawkeye and Black Panther figures can be used to recreate big movie scenes on a small scale. They'll also look great in a Marvel or Avengers collection or display. 

Black Panther will be the star of his own Marvel movie, so this figure may be slightly more collectible than others.

Who It’s For
This figure two-pack is for fans of the movie, and the individual characters, ages 4 and up. We think young fans will like playing with the figures, and older fans will want to collect and display them. 
What To Be Aware Of

Black Panther's armor accessories are shown with silver elements in the packaging, but are all gold on our figure.  

These figures are part of Hasbro's Miniverse line and additional figure two-packs are also available. 

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