Poop the Game: Brown Bag Combo Review (Breaking Games)

Poop the Game: Brown Bag Combo
What It Is

Don't be a party pooper! Play Poop: The Game. This is a silly card game where players try to get rid of all their cards first without clogging the toilet. The Brown Bag Combo version of the game, which we're showing you in our video review, comes with the original Poop: The Game deck of cards and the Party Pooper Edition expansion pack all packaged in a funny gag gift packaging of a brown paper bag. 

To play the original game, which is for two to five players, each player receives five Poop cards. Each Poop card has a different number on it, with the exception of Reverse and Skip cards, which reverse play and skip the next player, respectively, when played. 

Flip over a Toilet card to reveal the clog number. Players take turns laying down one Poop card from their hand at a time. If you can't lay down a card to keep the poop total below the clog number, you've clogged the toilet and you must pick up the pile of cards and add it to your hand. But if three of the same color poop cards are played in a row, the toilet is flushed, and those cards are discarded. 

If you play a wild card, which has a zero value, you must perform the sound or action on the card on every subsequent turn as you're laying down a card. If you don't do it and another player calls you out on it, you must add one card to your hand. The first player to get rid of all his cards wins.

The game also includes instructions for six other variations on the basic game, and if you add the 50 cards from the Party Pooper Edition to the basic game, you'll be able to play with up to 10 players.

Is It Fun?
This is a really silly game that anyone can play, though an appreciation of poop humor might be required, especially because you might have to make farting sounds as you play. We like that there are so many variations on the basic gameplay to spice things up if you want more of a challenge or just more silliness. 
Who It’s For
Poop: The Game Brown Bag Combo is for ages 6 and up. Although the game is a family-friendly game, there are instructions to play as a drinking game. If you choose to play that version with alcohol, it's definitely not a kids' game anymore.
What To Be Aware Of
Poop: The Game and Poop: Party Pooper Edition are also sold individually. There is also a Spanish version, Caca, and a Public Restroom Edition, sold separately.
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