SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Review (Worldwise)

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit
What It Is
The SmartyKat Hot Pursuit cat toy is an electronic cat toy that features two interchangeable wands, one with feathers and one with a ball, that replicate prey-like movement underneath a durable fabric for interactive and energetic playtime for your cat. The four different speed modes replicate the erratic movement of prey and encourage cat's instincts to stalk, hunt, and chase. It uses three AA batteries. 
Is It Fun?
This is a great toy for exercise for indoor cats. The various speed modes create a fun and unexpected mode of playtime for cats that mimic lifelike movement of their prey. 
Who It’s For
The SmartyKat Hot Pursuit is great for kitties that need some exercise after spending the day alone. It encourages their natural instincts to hunt, stalk, and chase. It's ideal for indoor cats. 
What To Be Aware Of
This toy requires three AA batteries. Do not leave your cat unattended while playing with this toy. The feathers on the wand are not sturdy and can be easily removed and consumed by stronger cats. 
  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value

    3 AA batteries required