Rug Basket Pet Carrier Review (Fundle)

Rug Basket Pet Carrier
What It Is
The Rug Basket Carrier by Fundle is a convertable pet bag that can be turned into a blanket in a few easy steps! This uniquely designed bag is highly functional and pets will love being carried around in this fashionable pet bag. The Rug Basket Carrier by Fundle comes with specially designed hot and cold pouches that can help to regulate your pet's temperature when it's either warm or cold outside. The Rug Basket Carrier by Fundle easily transforms into a bed that your pet can use once you've reached your destination. 
Why Is It Useful?
The Rug Basket Carrier from Fundle is fun for pets and their owners because of some of the great, unique features. The hot/cold pads are amazing for keeping your pets comfortable in hot and cold temperatures! This feature is great if your dog or cat is constantly on the move. The bag to blanket feature is fun for everyone because it makes your pet easy to transport around and ALSO turns into a blanket once you're out and about! This is a great feature if you are taking your pet to work or a friend's house! 
Who It’s For
The Rug Basket Carrier from Fundle is perfect for pets on the go! It's great for pet parents who can bring their pets to work or like to bring them along to social events. It's also a great pet bag for pet families that live in areas with warm and cold temperatures. The Fundle hot/cold packs will help regulate your pet's temperature while using the bag! 
What To Be Aware Of
The Rug Basket Carrier from Fundle contains a lot of parts. Always be sure to monitor your pet while they are being held inside the Fundle bag. 
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