Monkey Rope Tugz Review (ZippyPaws)

Monkey Rope Tugz
What It Is
The Monkey Rope Tugz from ZippyPaws is a doggy tug toy in the shape of a monkey.  You’ll notice that unlike other Rope toys used for tugging, this is not regular braided rope. Instead, it’s a durable 2/3 inch mountain-climbing rope, the same one that ZippyPaws uses to make their heavy-duty Climber dog leashes.  What does that mean?  It means it’s super strong. In fact, it has a tested tensile strength of 3791 lbs. That’s tough and will withstand even the strongest tuggers out there. The Monkey Rope Tugz are also easier on the hands of the Pet Parent since this rope is smoother than the average braided rope. ZippyPaws designed this toy so that the rope is actually looped  through the entire body of the monkey.  That’s means even if fido were to chomp down on the cheerful chimp, he’d still get a mouthful of the climbing rope which should inhibit damage to monkey. The monkey’s body has a bumpy texture and a built-in squeaker which should delight your dog but the real play happens when you have a loop and so does your buddy.  Then the game of "who'll let go first?" begins.
Is It Fun?
Tug toys for dogs are very popular. The tugging and shaking action not only gives them exercise, but it releases tension making them more relaxed. The Monkey Rope Tugz from ZippyPaws are very strong and since they're made from Mountain Climbing rope, they're easy on a Pet Parent's hands so the tug of war with Fido can last longer. You can also toss the Monkey RopeT ugz to break up the tugging with some fetching.  But it's primarily a tug toy.
Who It’s For
The Monkey Rope Tugz from ZippyPaws are for any dogs that like to tug.  It's seems very strong so it should hold up to even the strongest of tuggers.  The Monkey Rope Tugz are also for Pet Parents who may have hand issues since the smooth rope is more comfortable that the typical braided rope used in other tug toys on the market.  The Monkey Rope Tugz are 28 inches long when fully stretched out making it suitable for even large-sized dogs.
What To Be Aware Of
Monkey Rope Tugz from ZippyPaws come in 4 different colors.  The monkey portion of the toy has a built in squeaker and stuffing.  If left with a chewer, your monkey will be less plump and likely missing a squeaker.  In other words, this is not a chew toy and should only be played with under Pet Parent supervision. 
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