Blooming Baby Carrier Review (Blooming Baby)

Blooming Baby Carrier
What It Is

There are many benefits to “wearing” your baby, from soothing fussy babies to promoting a connection between parent and baby. The Blooming Baby Carrier aims to make it more comfortable for parent and baby to stay close. This baby carrier features soft and breathable fabrics as well as an ergonomic design with back support that evenly distributes weight on the center of the wearer's back. 

You can use this carrier in inward- and outward-facing positions. No matter which position you wear, it's designed to be quick and easy to put on with one-buckle assembly and shoulder straps that you cinch to adjust baby's height and closeness to you. This allows you to adjust the straps with one hand while keeping hold of baby with your other hand. 

If you're using the carrier with an infant (under 20 pounds), use the safety straps. And for older babies in the outward-facing position, the seat bridge provides extra seat room and proper leg and hip placement. There is also a plush two-position padded head support. Leave it up and buttoned for use with babies in the inward-facing position, and then button it down for older babies with stronger necks and when used in the outward-facing position. 

The carrier also includes a pocket with a shade/rain hood that snaps to the shoulder straps. You can also use the hood for discreet nursing. And the carrier's hip belt has a pocket for holding your phone, plus hooks for your keys and other small accessories. 

The Blooming Baby Carrier is available in three colors: turquoise, canary yellow, and ivory.

Why Is It Useful?
What we like about this baby carrier is its super soft fabric and all the little extras that really make it easy and convenient for parents to hold their babies while keeping their hands free to go about their normal routine. From the built-in hood and accessory-holding hip belt to the ergonomic design, this baby carrier offers comfort for both parent and baby. We like the idea of the one-handed strap adjustments, but we had trouble getting the straps to move when we pulled them with one hand. We think that can be attributed to the baby carrier's newness and hope that over time, the straps will loosen up a bit. However, until you get to that point, you'll need to figure out how to tighten the straps with both hands while at the same time holding onto your baby.
Who It’s For
The Blooming Baby Carrier is for use with babies weighing 12 to 45 pounds. Only use the outward carry position with babies 6 months and up.
What To Be Aware Of

This baby carrier is machine washable.

We found it difficult to adjust the straps with just one hand. It seems that when the carrier is new, the straps just aren't loose enough yet, but with time, they should become easier to adjust.

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