Sew Mini Treats Review (Klutz)

Sew Mini Treats
What It Is
Create decorative mini foods that have smiling faces with the Sew Mini Treats kit. This 48-page book also comes with the supplies kids need to sew 18 mini foods from doughnuts to strawberries. The kit includes three pages of paper patterns, 12 sheets of acrylic felt, 32 yards of cotton floss in eight colors, 30 precut acrylic felt eyes and cheeks, two embroidery needles, and one ounce of polyfill stuffing. You'll also need scissors, which are not included. The picture instructions first walk you through the basics of sewing with an easy project. Then kids can advance to other projects within the book.
Is It Fun?
These itty bitty treats are adorable and will make the time necessary to complete them well worth it. This will be a fun kit for kids who already have some sewing skills, but it would also be a nice way to introduce the basics of sewing to a novice, especially if a knowledgeable adult was helping out, making it a fun parent-child or grandparent-child activity.
Who It’s For
Sew Mini Treats will be a fun kit for kids ages 10 and up who have an interest in sewing and crafting.
What To Be Aware Of
It will take some time to sew these mini treats, but the process of sewing them is part of the fun. The outcome of the finished projects will depend on a child's age and skill level.
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  • Finished Project

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy