LEGO The Angry Birds Movie Pig City Tear Down Review (LEGO)

LEGO The Angry Birds Movie Pig City Tear Down
What It Is

The LEGO Angry Birds Movie: Pig City Teardown, from LEGO, is a 386-piece set, LEGO item number 75824, that is inspired by the movie, The Angry Birds Movie. The set builds a city street scene, called Pig City, and a bird catapult. It includes the four LEGO Angry Birds figures of Stella and Red Bird, plus two piggies.

The multi-leveled Pig City structure features a zip line attached to the tallest section and running to the lower level. The zip line has an umbrella hanging on it that a figure can ride in. There are also multiple small accessory pieces, and hit-points around the structure that when a bird is catapulted into, will cause sections of the structure, and pigs on it, to fall over.

Is It Fun?
This set does a great job of recreating a level, and the game play of the Angry Birds app game. It can be played with, like the game, where players try to topple the pigs, or kids can play out and recreate scenes from the animated movie. 
Who It’s For
The Pig City Teardown set is for Angry Birds and LEGO fans, ages 7–14. We think kids as young as 6 will like playing with the completed set, but will need help building it. Fans older than 14 might like it also. 
What To Be Aware Of

The directions for Pig City Teardown are clear and easy to follow. It should take about an hour to one hour and 30 minutes to build.  

This set is part of LEGO's line for The Angry Birds Movie. Additional sets are available, and sold separately. 

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