Venture Outerwear Coat Review (RC Pet Products)

Venture Outerwear Coat
What It Is

The Venture Outerwear Coat from RC Pet Products is a foul weather jacket for dogs with a lot of great features. The Coat has a waterproof outer shell made from Ripstop material that shields your dog from any precipitation and keeps him dry. The inner liner is made from a warm, fleece-like material. The neck of the jacket rides high keeping the chilly cold air from your pooch's neck and it has integrated access for a leash along with a flap to keep the cold air out. The back side of the coat is tailored with two rows of stitching or darts. This design feature gives the coat a tailored fit keeping it closer to your dog's body, which, in turn, keeps the cold out and the warm in. The Venture Outerwear Coat is also decorated with a honeycomb patterned design which is made from 3M reflective material so your dog can be seen at night by any light source.

Why Is It Useful?

Very few breeds of dogs have coats to withstand the cold weather and precipitation. Wearing a lined coat or jacket like the Venture Outerwear Coat is crucial for dogs to conserve body heat in bad weather. This jacket is designed to be fitted so it remains close to your furry friend's body keeping him warmer, longer. The outer shell is waterproof so you can bring your dog outdoors even on days when its raining, snowing, or bitter cold.

Who It’s For

The Venture Outerwear Coat is for any dog that is susceptible to cold conditions. The coat is especially good for dogs living in geographic locations that have harsh winter conditions.

What To Be Aware Of

The Venture Outerwear Coat comes in many sizes and will require you to measure your dog and use the RC Pet Products sizing guide. Prices differ depending on size. The Outerwear Coat also comes in seven colors and is machine washable.

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