Primary Kitty Breakaway Collar Red Review (RC Pet Products)

 Primary Kitty Breakaway Collar Red
What It Is

Proudly made in Vancouver, BC, Canada, the Primary Kitty Breakaway Collar from RC Pet Products is a basic cat collar that features an adjustable strap, a reflective stitching stripe, and a quick-release breakaway buckle. The cat that we used for the video didn't like the collar very much as he tried to play with the bell and bite the collar off when we tried to put it on. While not the best idea for energetic cats, it's great for more passive ones and should be durable and functional enough for your lovable furball. 

The stitching stripe is visible up to 25 meters (that's about 82 feet away). Attached to the strap is a nickel-plated bell and a lightweight plastic D-ring for the ID tag. If kitty gets too uncomfortable or you prefer to only keep it on them outside, simply push the two buttons on the side of the strap to get the collar off them in a snap. Cats are going to be fascinated by the bell, so be prepared for some year-round jingling.

Why Is It Useful?
Quiet felines that don't get finicky will roam around the house letting you know where they are. More playful ones will end up going after the bell, making for some very cute scenes. The reflective stripe is a nice concept for pet parents who take their cat outside. It will make it easier to watch kitty when they're not indoors. If you're planning on letting your cat out, you should also consider getting a leash and/or harness. Keep in mind that all cats are different and some may find discomfort at first. 
Who It’s For
Small- to medium-sized cats will fit the Primary collar, but larger ones are going to be out of luck as the strap adjusts to a maximum 10-inch neck. Pet owners are going to like the various color options, ID tag D-ring, and the quick-release buttons. They may occasionally get irritated by the constant bell noise, but that's what the buttons are for. 
What To Be Aware Of
Although some feisty cats will find the breakaway collar a nuisance, it's both durable and functional. The Primary Collar from RC Pet Products is made from a light but strong nylon webbing and also comes in a wide variety of colors (purple, green, cyan, charcoal, black, raspberry, red, burgundy, and lime) and is machine washable (specifically on cold/delicate cycles). Keep in mind that you should not wash the collar with Velcro items, bleach it, or dry clean it. You should also hang-dry the collar. The strap adjusts to fit a neck size between eight and 10 inches, so if your fuzzy baby's a little chunky, you may want to go with another option. 
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