Captain America Civil War Hot Wheels Armed Moto Vehicles Review (Mattel)

Captain America Civil War Hot Wheels Armed Moto Vehicles
What It Is
Get ready for a dramatic battle between Captain America and Iron Man. The Captain America Civil War Armed Moto Blasters from Hot Wheels set includes two of the popular Hot Wheels Moto vehicles, freewheeling, miniature cars that can race, bash crash--and always land right side up in the event of a spill. 

One is themed with Captain America and one for Iron Man. While they're a different design than traditional Hot Wheels cars, with big rounded tires, more like motorcycles than traditional cars,  they also work really well on traditional Hot Wheels track. (They're about the size of the classic 1:46 scale Hot Wheels cars.) Each vehicle also includes a blaster accessory that allows the Moto to convert to a battle ready vehicle. Captain America fires discs that look like his shields, and Iron Man fires his energy repulsors. The blaster accessories snap on, and rotate 360-degrees, and, of course, they can also be removed to play with the vehicles separately.  

Though they are themed to the Captain America: Civil War movie, these vehicles do not appear in it. They are intended to capture the spirit of adventure and competition of the characters rather than a literal interpretation of the movie's plot. 

Is It Fun?
The Hot Wheels Motos are designed for active, competitive play and tons of bashing crashing action. One of the really cool things about them is that when you drop them or knock them over, they always end up back right side up. The Captain America Civil War versions inspire a lot of narrative based pay featuring the characters as kids pretend to be superheroes.
Who It’s For
Like all Hot Wheels, these are age-graded for kids 4 years and up. They'll appeal mostly to kids who like active, competitive play with Hot Wheels and are engaged by the cool, self-righting feature. With this set, the battle accessories add to the power-and-conflict play that's an essential part of superhero play. 
What To Be Aware Of
These  vehicles do not appear in the movie. That's not really an issue, partially because the movie is rated PG-13, so it's likely that many kids of core Hot Wheels age won't see it. 

More importantly, the value of the characters is that they  imaginative vehicle and character play, and kids will enjoy the outstanding look, styling and performance of the Motos. 

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