Captain America Civil War Iron Man Car Review (Mattel)

Captain America Civil War Iron Man Car
What It Is

The Captain America Civil War Iron Man Deluxe Character Car by Mattel is a large, plastic freewheeling Hot Wheels car that features two actions: a firing projectile and pop-up weapon reveal. The car does not appear in the movie, but the styling is inspired by Iron Man's iconic outfit.

Is It Fun?

The styling and graphics are spot-on, so fans of the movie and comics will love the car. Also, its larger size makes it easier for smaller hands to play with (compared to traditional Hot Wheels toys), and the firing Repulsion Projectile and pop-up weaponry add to the fun.

Who It’s For

This is designed for kids ages 3 and up, and the simple construction and roll-along driving plus the easy loading and shooting of the projectile deliver big fun to little kids. While the branding ties into Captain America Civil War, Iron Man enthusiasts who like any of the comics or several movies featuring the billionaire playboy-turned-superhero will enjoy this car. Of course, even if you aren't a fan, the weapons and graphics are still cool.

What To Be Aware Of

Unlike traditional Hot Wheels, this car is plastic, though it still seems sturdy.

Though this has the Captain America: Civil War brand and logo, the car does not appear in the movie. Since the movie is rated PG-13, that's find, as most of the key players with this toy won't see the movie. They will, however, get a kick out of playing with the Iron Man character.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy