Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Orthodontic Bottles Review (Nuk)

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Orthodontic Bottles
What It Is
Babies can have mealtime with Minnie with the Disney Baby Orthodontic Bottles. This three-pack of 10-ounce bottles features an image of Minnie Mouse on each bottle, but aside from the cute look of the bottles, the orthodontic nipples, which have a medium flow, are designed to promote proper tongue movement and jaw alignment. They fit optimally in a baby's mouth and ensure proper closure of the mouth around the bottle. These also have a one-piece X-vent to allow baby to swallow liquid instead of air, helping to ease digestion for less fussiness and prevent colic, spit-up, and gas. Plus, the bottles have a new leak-proof cap and a wide neck to make them easy to use and clean. You can wash the bottle pieces by hand in hot water and mild soap, or place them in the dishwasher on the top rack.
Is It Fun?
If you're a parent who likes Minnie Mouse or your child's nursery theme is Minnie, these baby bottles will be fun to use. But they also have some nice features, such as the angled orthodontic nipple, that can help make mealtime more comfortable for baby and promote healthy oral development.
Who It’s For

The Disney Baby Orthodontic Bottles are for babies from birth and up. However, newborns might not be ready for the medium flow nipples on these bottles, so these might be better suited for babies older than three months.

What To Be Aware Of

These bottles do not contain BPA.

A three-pack of Mickey Mouse bottles is also available and sold separately.

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