Sticky Paws Review (Pioneer Pet)

Sticky Paws
What It Is
The Sticky Paws tape from Pioneer Pet is a double-sided tape on a tape dispenser roll that can be easily applied to furniture to deter your cats (and dogs, too!) from scratching and ruining your favorite furniture! This product comes with 32.8 feet of tape, so it will last you a long time. The sticky texture is a natural deterrent for cats, which is a great simple solution to training your cat to stay away from furniture, and the best part is, it's safe for your pets! 
Why Is It Useful?
This product is easy to use and can help your furniture last longer and doesn't harm your pets. 

Before applying large pieces of tape to your furniture, however, you'll want to test it out on the fabric to make sure it doesn't stain or harm it in any other way. Eventually, you'll probably want to remove the tape.

Who It’s For
Cat can't stop scratching your furniture? Then this product is for your feline friend and their cat parents who want to deter their favorite felines (and canines) from scratching at their furniture! 
What To Be Aware Of
This product can damage surfaces. I had some difficulty removing it from my sofa cover after I applied it. Make sure to read the label before using to avoid damage when using this product. Also, do not attempt to cut the tape too close to your furniture, as it can snag and ruin your furniture. 

The tape may also collect airborne dust and dirt particles, so you'll probably want to change it every few weeks. As noted above, be sure to test the tape on any fabric before you apply it in large pieces. 

While it might take a little bit of time for the scratching to stop, many cats will eventually learn to stop scratching. Determined cats may be able to claw through the tape, but our best guess is that they'll be so annoyed by the sensation that they'll give up. Obviously, however, cats like to scratch. You'll want to provide other types of places for them to be able to scratch, like a scratching post. 

Many people will clip their cats' front paw claws to inhibit scratching, and while the ASPCA recommends that, some people don't like to. So, you'll have to resort to other ideas to deter scratching. Sticky Paws tape is a simple and highly effective solution. 

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