Big Max Drinking Fountain Review (Pioneer Pet)

Big Max Drinking Fountain
What It Is
The Big Max Drinking Fountain by Pioneer Pet is an excellent drinking fountain for your feline or canine friends who need a little bit of encouragement drinking water! The continuous flow of water, not only helps to keep your furry friend hydrated, but also helps to keep the water clean in the fountain! The stainless steel design is chic and looks great in any home. The Big Max Drinking Fountain holds 128 oz. of water, which is a just over a gallon. It's a great size. The pump is quiet and doesn't make any distracting noises. It requires one filter, which they recommend changing every 3-4 weeks. It's dishwasher safe and easy to clean. 
Why Is It Useful?
Cats and dogs are naturally encouraged by the constant flow of water and will love this stainless steel drinking fountain!
Who It’s For
This is a great fountain for cats who need encouragement drinking water. The circulating movement of the water attracts cats and encourages them to drink and stay hydrated.
What To Be Aware Of
Although it is easy to assemble, the instructions are a little short and I had a little bit of trouble getting the motor to properly fit into the house. 
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