The Rock Review (Ruff Dawg)

The Rock
What It Is
The Rock from Ruff Dawg is a rubber, rock shaped dog toy that can be used for fetching or moderate chewing.  If you’re unfamiliar with Ruff Dawg products you need to know that they are all made in the USA. The materials Ruff Dawg uses are non-toxic and FDA approved. That gives piece of mind to pet parents worried about accidental ingestion. The Rock is brightly colored so it’s easy to find in tall grass or leaves. When tossed for retrieval the rubber material and shape cause it to bounce erratically which will keep your pooch engaged and excited. The Rock can be chomped on during play without fear of puncture since it’s very durable and unlike real rocks this one is gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums. The Rock is one of those all around toys you can keep in your home or car since it works well for impromptu games of fetch either indoors or outside.  It’s also a great water toy for lakes ponds or beaches since this rock floats!
Is It Fun?
The Rock from Ruff Dawg is a great all around toy.  It's weighted a little heavier than your average ball so you can toss it fairly far.  It's rock-like shape makes it bounce erratically and that will keep Fido on his paws trying to chase it down.  The Rock floats so you can enjoy playtime at the beach or lake.  The Rock doesn't puncture easily so it's also good for your dog to relieve some chewing stress without fear of too much damage or accidental ingestion.
Who It’s For
The Rock really works well for any dog but we think it's especially appealing for those that like to fetch.  We think The Rock is best suited for small to medium sized dogs. Large dogs could use it but you'd have to be careful it doesn't accidentally get lodged in the throat.  For this reason, the size may be a bit small for bigger breeds.  The Rock is not a chew toy and should only be used under pet parent supervision.
What To Be Aware Of
The Rock comes in several different colors.  The Rock floats.  All Ruff Dawg products are non-toxic and made in the USA.  The Rock may be too small for extra-large breeds.
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