Pet Mat Silver Haven Rounded, Lg Review (Wellness Mat)

Pet Mat Silver Haven Rounded, Lg
What It Is
Wellness Pet Mats are the original one-piece urethane mat originally designed for humans that spend a lot of time on their feet. They are anti-fatigue mats that are very comfortable for those tasked withstanding.

Now they are available for pets as a low profile bed which evenly distributes a dog's weight, taking the stress off of joints and sore spots, and that's especially important for older dogs who might be suffering from arthritis or dysplasia. The Wellness mat is one-inch thick and made from a proprietary material called APT or Advance Polyurethane Technology, which complies with stringent US regulations and doesn't contain formaldehyde, heavy metals, latex, pvcs, or phlalates. In other words: it's safe for your furry friend to use for extended periods of time. It's also anti-microbial.

The Wellness Mat is backed by a 20 year manufacturer's warranty as well as a seven year performance warranty that covers ripping, punctures, de-laminating, or bubbling. The Wellness Pet Mat will always remain flat and in form because the APT is like memory foam, it always returns to its original shape. It also has a 20 degree beveled edge to prevent tripping accidents. 

As far as maintenance is concerned, you can hose it down or use mild soap and water with a mop or towel. I put the Wellness mat to the test by leaving it on my deck for five weeks in rain and heavy sun, and there was no damage or fading whatsoever. One more observation is that although this could be great for your dog, the wellness mat is also excellent for pet parents to use when bathing, grooming or even playing with their pooches. It's way more comfortable on your feet and nicer to stand on then a hard surface, and it's certainly easier on the knees if you have to kneel for any reason.

Why Is It Useful?
The Wellness Pet Mat is useful in two major ways. First, it's a low-profile pet bed that does not absorb moisture, is anti-microbial, and evenly distributes your pets weight taking the stress off of sore spots and achy joints. It's also a great work mat for Pet Parents that need to stand or kneel while bathing, grooming or playing with their pet.
Who It’s For
The Wellness Pet Mat can be used by any pet but we think this will be especially good for older dogs or those suffering from arthritis or other joint aliments. This also can be used by pet parents who spend a lot of time grooming or bathing their dogs or just for some play since it's easy on human knees and legs.
What To Be Aware Of
The Wellness Pet Mat comes in many sizes and shapes and prices vary.  This mat does not absorb liquids and is anti-microbial. There are no pvcs, phlalates, or latex used in this product. The Wellness mat comes with a 20 year warranty against manufacturer defects and a seven year performance warranty.
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