Bazook-9 Launcher Review (Oxgord)

Bazook-9 Launcher
What It Is
The Bazook-9 is a tennis ball launching fetch toy. Its shape is reminiscent of other doggy ball launchers on the market. This launcher has a plunger that can pulled out to different levels in order to launch shorter or longer, depending on the play area. There are two circular spots underneath the barrel for extra ball storage. The Bazook-9 comes with two squeaky tennis-type balls but the launcher will work with any tennis-type ball. There is a carrying strap for transporting. 
Is It Fun?
Fetch games are one of the best ways to play interactively with your pooch. The only problem is, sometimes a human arm will give out before a dog is finished playing. The Bazook-9 remedies that problem by launching balls without you having to toss them.  It's also more fun for the pet parent to fire off tennis balls out of a launcher.
Who It’s For
This is for any dog who enjoys a spirited game of fetch. We also think this is good for senior or younger pet parents who may not be able to toss the ball long enough for their pooches to max out their good time.
What To Be Aware Of
OxGord claims that the Bazook-9 will propel a ball over 70 feet. This is a very ambitious claim. We found in testing that using approximately a 45 degree angle, a 40 to 50 foot distance was the norm.  OxGord also says that this can pick ball up from the ground hands free. However, we found that you had to pull the plunger back at least one click before this was possible. OxGord also warns not to fire the launcher unloaded.
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