The Lion Guard Protect the Pride Lands Game Review (Wonder Forge)

The Lion Guard Protect the Pride Lands Game
What It Is

The Lion Guard Protect the Pride Lands Game is a board game inspired by the Disney Junior series where 1-4 players work together to get Kion to the top of Pride Rock before the Outlanders close in on him. Unlike most board games, players don't play as a specific character on the board, but rather play together with Kion, Fuli, Beshte, and Bunga figures to save the day. First step is to set up the game board, then players take turns drawing cards. Cards feature pictures so no reading is required. Most of the cards instruct players to carry out two separate tasks. The first is to add the pictured Outlander to their first free space. The second task on the card will give the players a choice between two different Lion Guard heroes, and number of spaces to move. This is where teamwork, and strategy come into play. Players must decide amongst each other, which Lion Guard will be the most beneficial one to move. The second type of card that players may draw is a Power Card. Each power card features a different Lion Guard, which corresponds to a special power found in the instructions. Play continues with players taking turns to draw cards and follow the instructions on those cards. If Kion reaches the top of Pride Rock before any Outlander is placed on the space in front of Pride Rock, players have saved the Pride Lands, and can roar with pride. However, if any Outlander gets to the space closest to the Pride Rock before Kion reaches the top, the players lose the game. 

Is It Fun?
We love how this game encourages teamwork, and Lion Guard fans will enjoy playing with their favorite characters, especially the Lion Guard heroes, which are actual figures. 
Who It’s For
This 1-4 player game is for fans of The Lion Guard ages 4 and up. Kids on the younger side may need help from an adult in setting up the game board, and learning how to play.
What To Be Aware Of

It may take a few rounds for kids to get the hang of it, and they will most likely need help from an adult to set up the board, and read the initial instructions. After a few rounds though, playing on their own will be easy and fun. 

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