Treat Triad Review (Outward Hound)

Treat Triad
What It Is
The Treat Triad from Outward Hound is a multi-level, treat-dispensing puzzle toy for dogs. There are three built-in treat chambers that are covered by doors with scent holes. There is also a spinner on top that rotates over the doors. The spinner has scent holes. Fido must find a way to move the spinner off of the door and get the treat contained in the treat chamber. There is an adjustment ring underneath the Treat Triad to increase or decrease the difficulty of the task. The Treat Triad is made of plastic and has rubber pieces on each leg, which are intended to keep the puzzle toy from sliding. 
Is It Fun?
It's natural for dogs to forage for food. The Treat Triad gives dogs the opportunity to work for their treat and be rewarded when the task is complete. This is a great mental exercise for your furry friend. The adjustment ring on the bottom can make the task more difficult, which should add to the amount of time your dog will play with this toy before he tires of it.
Who It’s For
The Treat Triad is for all dogs. We do think that larger dogs would topple the toy easily so this is probably better suited for smaller or medium size breeds.
What To Be Aware Of
In our testing the Treat Triad seemed a little top heavy so there was concern about larger dogs simply knocking the puzzler over. Also, the door can be easily ripped off. We're not sure if this product is intentionally designed like this but re-attaching the doors was simple enough. Also, despite having rubber pads on the bottom, the Treat Triad did slide on the floor a lot.
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