Doggy Blocks Review (Outward Hound)

Doggy Blocks
What It Is
Doggy Blocks, by Outward Hound, is an interactive dog came in which you hide food or treats in eight different compartments. Cover the four largest with scent-vented blocks and watch as he tries to get at them. Once all four blocks are removed, the top spins to reveal the smaller hidden treat compartments. This is a great dog toy for your pooch's mental stimulation.  Dogs are foragers by nature and the Doggy Blocks toy gives them an opportunity to exercise these natural instincts.  This is especially good for city dogs who don't get a chance to explore as much as country dogs might.
Is It Fun?
The Outward Hound Doggy Blocks game will keep Fido busy and a busy dog is a happy, less destructive dog.  Fido will use his muzzle and paws to get to the treats as they would if they were out in nature foraging for morsels of food.  For pet parents the fun is watching them figure out how to get to the treats by trial and error.
Who It’s For
The Doggy Blocks are for any curious dog however the blocks may be a little big for toy breeds. 
What To Be Aware Of
Overall, this seems best for medium- and large-sized dogs not for the difficulty of solving the problems but for their physical size in relation to the product. The photo on the package shows a long-haired chihuahua, but the blocks were too large for our 11-pound test dog. 
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