Fun Feeders Review (Outward Hound)

Fun Feeders
What It Is
The Fun Feeder dog bowls are colorful slow-feeder bowls that come in three puzzling patterns.  Eating too quickly can result in doggy digestion issues including bloat, which can be problematic. The Fun Feeders have different nooks and crevices that make your pooch work for their meal, rather than just gobble it freely. Not only does slow-feeding result in healthier digestion, but it provides a challenge and ultimately a reward for your dog during mealtime. Since dogs are  foragers by nature, eating vessels like the Fun Feeders help exercise those natural instincts, which are too often forgotten due to living in a human environment. The bowls are sturdy and have slip-resistant pads on the bottom, which will keep it from sliding across the floor.
Is It Fun?
The Fun Feeder bowls promote slower eating, which is better for digestion and could help avoid ailments like bloat.
Who It’s For
The Fun Feeder Bowls are for all breeds and sizes since they are available in regular size, which holds four cups of food and mini size which hold two cups of food. These are especially good for dogs that tend to gobble their food too quickly. But can be also be fun for dogs that eat at a normal pace.
What To Be Aware Of
The Fun Feeders come in two patterns and two sizes. There is regular, which holds up to four cups of dry food and mini, which holds up to two cups.
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