Tender Tuffs Standing Gecko Review (Smart Pet Love)

Tender Tuffs Standing Gecko
What It Is
The Tender Tuffs Standing Gecko from Smart Pet Love is a plush dog toy that is more durable than most on the market. The reason is the patented, proprietary technology called Tear Block, which is actually an inner liner that protects the toy from being shredded by a dog in minutes. The Standing Gecko is designed to be easily picked up off of any surface by your dog.
Is It Fun?
The Tender Tuffs Standing Gecko is a chew toy but it can be used for indoor fetch games and moderate tugging. Even after some initial tearing, the toy remains in tact so it lasts a lot longer than most on the market. This makes it extra fun for your playful pooch.
Who It’s For
The Tender Tuffs are for any dog that enjoys plush dog toys. It's a good all-around toy to have in your dog's toy box since it does have multiple uses. There are different sizes and styles to choose from.
What To Be Aware Of
This toy is tougher than most plush dog toys but should be used under pet parent supervision since it is most definitely not indestructible. When the toy is damaged enough to be dangerous, take it away. The Tender Tuffs come in 53 different versions so choose the one right for your dog.
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