Tender Tuffs Octopus Review (Smart Pet Love)

Tender Tuffs Octopus
What It Is
The Tender Tuffs Octopus from Smart Pet Love dog toy designed with the patented Tear-Block technology. Tear-Block is an inner mesh liner that is rip resistant making the Octopus more durable and able to withstand chewing and tugging. The Octopus has four tentacles, which contain elastic, making this even more fun for you and your dog, or multiple dogs, to tug on.
Is It Fun?
Interactive play between dog and pet parent is essential in building a trusting relationship. Plus, your pooch wants to play with you and impress you. This is a wonderful toy for that purpose. This is also great for homes with multiple dogs since each dog can grab a tentacle for a feisty round of tug of war. The Tear Block technology helps increase the life of the toy. This is primarily a tug toy but you could even toss this around indoors for fetching.
Who It’s For
This is really appropriate for any size dog but it's especially ideal for those dogs who love a good tug of war game. Because the legs of the Octopus are elastic, the tugging is a little easier on the arms and shoulders of pet parents, making this ideal for older and younger human tuggers.
What To Be Aware Of
Tear Block does not make this indestructible so pet parent supervision is recommended. Also, despite being chewed through in a couple of spots, these toys were still functional.
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  • People Fun

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