DuraForce Bone Review (VIP Products)

DuraForce Bone
What It Is
The DuraForce Dog Bone is part of the DuraForce line of tough dog toys from VIP Products. This toy is shaped like a bone and has two built-in squeakers. The Bone is made from woven fibers that make it very durable. The outer covering has multiple layers of this tough fabric and is stitched multiple times, which makes it really stand up to aggressive chewing better than most toys on the market. Inside, there is a protective mesh as well as individual squeaker safety pockets that gives pet parents a little extra time should fido eventually gnaw his way though the toy.
Is It Fun?
The DuraForce Dog Bone is great fun for Fido since he can chomp on it, fetch it, or even enjoy the water with it since the DuraForce Dog Bone floats. He'll also love the challenge of trying to get through the many layers of woven fiber and stitching to get to the squeakers.
Who It’s For
The DuraForce Dog Bone is ideal for aggressive chewers and is a great all-around toy for fetching and tugging since it's so durable. We reviewed the regular-sized bones, which would be fine for medium to large dogs but there is a junior-sized version as well.
What To Be Aware Of
No dog toy is indestructible so pet parent supervision is always recommended. There is a junior sized bone for smaller breeds. DuraForce has its own toughness scale and this ranks a 9 of out 10, with 10 their toughest rank. There's a Triangle and Boomerang version as well.
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