DuraForce Boomerang Review (VIP Products)

DuraForce Boomerang
What It Is
The DuraForce Boomerang, from VIP Products, is an ultra-tough dog toy. It's cover is made with woven fibers that are cross-stitched and inside there is a durable webbing and three squeakers, which are protected by safety pockets. The squeakers are located at the edges of each of the three arms of the boomerang. It's easy to throw and you can finish fido's fetch sequence with a spirited tug of war with no worry of the Boomerang ripping or tearing. Unlike other fetch toys you can leave this with your pooch for a reasonable amount of time without worry that he'll turn it into shredded fabric. The Boomerang also floats and is washable.
Is It Fun?
You and your pooch will have a blast using this toy for fetching or even some tugging. The DuraForce products are designed to be super tough and should last longer than most others with similar features. Use it indoors or outside and it floats making it perfect for beach or lake play. Your dog will also love the challenge of gnawing through the many layers of woven fiber and stitching to get at the squeakers inside.
Who It’s For
The DuraForce Boomerang is for any dog who likes to chomp during their fetch game, or likes to chew on tough toys. This is for any size dog since it comes in a junior version for smaller breeds.
What To Be Aware Of
Like all dog toys, the DuraForce Boomerang is not indestructible so pet parent supervision is suggested. This is rated 9 out of 10 for durability on the DuraForce DuraScale. This product is washable and floats and is available in a junior version for smaller dogs.
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