Chuckit! Pro LX Review (Petmate)

Chuckit! Pro LX
What It Is
The Chuckit! Pro LX dog toy from Petmate is hybrid of the original Chuckit! launcher fetch toy. The ergonomic handle has a head on it that is reminiscent of a lacrosse stick and it also has a built-in LED flashlight that comes in handy during nighttime play. The newly designed head is supposed to encourage catching as well as fetching. It's referred to as EZ scoop and provides a slobber-free pick up of a ball that has been retrieved. The Chuckit! Pro LX also comes with a ball that features Max-Glow technology making it glow in the dark and has a reflective tube inside making it easier to find a lost ball in the dark.  
Is It Fun?
The Chuckit! Pro LX lets pet parents play with their pouch outside in the dark. The Pro LX is outfitted with an LED flashlight on the handle and comes with a ball that is easier to find in the dark since it has Max-Glow technology, making it glow in the dark. The reflector inside the ball also can be seen with the flashlight. 
Who It’s For
The Chuckit Pro LX can be used day or night with any dog that likes to fetch. It's especially good for dogs who have Pet Parents that work all day and their only option is to play at night.
What To Be Aware Of
The Chuckit Pro LX flashlight feature require two AAA batteries, which are included. The concept of the "lacrosse-type" head is good but it disappoints when you actually try to play catch with it. It also takes a few tries to be able to use the EZ-scoop feature and it requires you to get very low to the ground to work at all. Also, we found that when the ball does get slobbery, the reflective tube easily comes out of the ball. 
  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value

    2 AAA batteries required