Max Launcher Ball and Flying Disc Launcher Review (Sievers Cool Creations LLC)

Max Launcher Ball and Flying Disc Launcher
What It Is

The Max Launcher is a powerful dog toy that can launch a tennis ball up to 90 feet, which makes fetch games fun and exciting for you and your dog. It is curved and can pick a tennis-type ball off of the ground hands-free. The Max Launcher has a catapult type mechanism that you have to pull back. Then pull the trigger and watch that ball soar. To change up your fetch game use a flying disc in the max launcher. Simply pull back the catapult arm, hold the launcher sideways and place the disc on the spot that is clearly marked. Then pull the trigger and watch your disc soar. There are two grip handles to hold while launching and an adjustable tension knob so that you can adjust your distance between 40 and 90 feet.

Is It Fun?

Playing fetch is a age-old activity for doggy parents and their furry kids. This launcher has power to spare. In fact, it's suggested that you hold the launcher with both hands since it does give a decent kick back. Your pooch will enjoy running over longer distances and since your arm won't tire, the fetch game can go on and on. You can also change up your fetch game by launching a flying disc, which will keep your canine kid from getting bored.

Who It’s For

The Max Launcher is for any dog who enjoys a spirited game of fetch and enjoys running over long distances. This launcher is great for older or younger pet parents that might not have the arm strength for a prolonged game of fetch.

What To Be Aware Of

This launcher has some power to it. Make sure you have the upper body strength to handle it.

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