Caboose Graphite Stroller Review (Joovy)

Caboose Graphite Stroller
What It Is

Joovy's Caboose Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller is a double stroller that moves like a single stroller. Designed for walking with two kids, this compact stroller allows an older child to sit or stand or face forward or backward. The front seat can hold a child from 3 months and up and reclines. The large canopy provides ample coverage for the child in the front seat. The stroller has a capacity of 90 pounds in total--45 pounds per seat. When strolling with an infant, parents can create a travel system with the included universal car seat adapter. When used in this mode, there's still room for the rear rider to stand on the platform. A parent organizer, sold separately for this model, holds two beverages and has a zippered pocket for keys, wallet, or phone. This is an update to Joovy's line of tandem strollers.  

Why Is It Useful?
Parents will love the compact size of this stroller, which enables walking with two children. It comes in a variety of stylish colors and is an update on Joovy's existing tandem strollers. This model offers a lot of bang for the buck. Additional accessories are sold separately too.
Who It’s For
This is ideal for caregivers who want to walk with two children but who don't want a bulky double stroller.
What To Be Aware Of
When the older child is seated in the back, adults will not be able to access the storage basket. 

The stroller is large when folded.

A parent organizer and additional accessories are sold separately for this model. 

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