Feline Remedies Bowl Review (Dr. Catsby)

Feline Remedies Bowl
What It Is

If you've never heard of feline whisker fatigue, you're not alone. It occurs in kitty feeding when they go towards the bottom of the bowl and their whiskers are forced into close contact with the sides of the bowls. This bends the whiskers and causes pain, discomfort, and even acne. If you've ever wondered why your fur baby won't eat all their food, that's why. It's not a matter of the wrong food, but possibly the wrong bowl. 

The Dr. Catsby's Feline Remedies Bowl for Whisker Fatigue helps put an end to this problem. The stainless steel design is simple, wide, and shallow so cats can access their food without pulling back their whiskers. They'll thank you with more meows and less me-ows as they happily finish each meal and come back for seconds. It also features a non-slip mat for stabilizing Dutchess' dish. 

Is It Fun?
The kitty bowl protects your cuddly ball of fluff from damaging their whiskers and cute faces so they can get every bit of their food without any issues. Keeping all the food in the middle while keeping the whiskers away, the basic nature of the bowl's design doesn't let them dig in when they dig in to their dinner delights. It's an interesting approach to something most pet owners casually glance over with very little to no thought. As research continues to develop around cats, owners will find new ways to please their four legged family members.
Who It’s For
Dr. Catsby's Bowl is made for the delight of all kitties, no matter how small. The shallow concept makes sure of that, as kittens can easily reach the top of the bowl to munch on some treats. Their human halves will appreciate both their pets finishing the food and the animal's overall happiness.
What To Be Aware Of
The Dr. Catsby's Feline Remedies Bowl has a wide and shallow stainless steel design that protects against wash-proof bacteria and is dishwasher safe. Although we weren't able to determine the results, the Dr. Castby's bowl claims to reduce feline stress and acne. The kitty feeding dish also has a non-slip mat that keeps it firmly on the floor.
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