Dogobie Disc Review (Aerobie Inc.)

Dogobie Disc
What It Is

The Dogobie from Aerobie is a flying dog toy that is perfect for fetching and made especially for dogs. It is non-toxic and made in the U.S.A..  The Dogobie's lightweight design and soft plastic material make it easy on a dog's mouth unlike hard plastic "Frisbee type" discs.  The Dogobie is also flexible so itís easy to pick up or catch in midair.  But what really makes this disc special is what Aerobie calls a breakthrough in aerodynamic design which makes it incredibly easy to throw over long distances and they would know since their Pro Flying Ring set a Guinness World Record.  Apparently it has a built-in spoiler rim and I have to tell you that I was amazed at how easy it flew.  The trick is to throw it in a manner thatís level to the ground and have your dog chase it down and perhaps eventually catch it on the fly.  After a few tosses you can even control your accuracy with the disc.  Just one quick warning about durability, the Dogobie is durable when it comes to landing or hitting obstructions, even stepping on it but this is not a chew toy and shouldnít be left very long with your dog.

Is It Fun?
The Dogobie is great fun for dogs who love to fetch and/or catch.  After a few fetch sessions you might be able to convince your pooch to try to catch the disc.  Also the duration of play will likely be longer since humans can toss this disc easily without tiring arms and shoulders which usually happens with ball tossing.
Who It’s For
The Dogobie is probably best suited for medium and large dogs.  Although it is lightweight, we think its diameter may be a bit large for small dogs.  Obviously dogs that like to retrieve or catch will do very well with the Dogobie.  Since it is easily thrown for longer distances this would be a good pet parent toy since it could save the wear and tear that comes with ball tossing.
What To Be Aware Of
The Dogobie is made from a soft rubbery substance that is flexible and easy on a dogs teeth and gums.  The Dogobie is durable against hitting trees and other obstacles but if left with a dog that likes to chew, will be damaged.  This is not a chew toy and shouldn't be left with your dog.  Throw in open areas until you become proficient in controlling the Dogobie.  The Dogobie is non-toxic and made in the U.S.A.
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