Little Hands Big Artist Marker Kit Review (Alex)

Little Hands Big Artist Marker Kit
What It Is

Alex Brands' Little Hands Big Artist, for ages 3 and up, features three of the Little Hands Big Artist kits: The Marker Kit, Crayon Kit, and Paint kit--each sold separately. The Marker kit includes 10 thick washable markers, 12 coloring sheets (six with coloring pictures and six without coloring pictures). The sheets without coloring pictures each have fun, patterned borders. Each kit has its own set of distinct coloring pages and also includes a coloring technique guide for out-of-the-box ways to mark, color, and paint your pictures. These kits are super portable, as they come in a sturdy case with handles on top. They are great tools for learning colors, and for improving motor, coloring and vocabulary skills. 

Is It Fun?
With the Little Hands Big Artist Kits, kids get to create art in fun, open-ended way.
Who It’s For
The kits are recommended for ages 3 and up. These are great for kids who love to color and paint.
What To Be Aware Of
As this can get messy, we recommend you have a designated area for your little artist with newspaper or materials that will prevent any colors from ending up where you don't want them to end up. 
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