Alternative Femur Chew Dog Toy Review (Nylabone)

 Alternative Femur Chew Dog Toy
What It Is
The Nylabone Femur Alternative Chew Dog Toy is a replicated version of a marrow bone that Nylabone claims is safer and cleaner for your dog. Chew toys like this discourage dogs from using your shoes or furniture as chew toys. The Femur Alternative is part of Nylabone's Dura-Chew line, which means it's designed to last a long time. The Femur has ridges and knobs that are good for gum stimulation and help keep your dog's teeth clean. The bone is laced with an artificial bacon flavoring.
Is It Fun?
Big-time chewers will spend a lot of time entertaining themselves with this toy because it's very hard to break down. Although your dog may damage the bone, it doesn't really seem to break into pieces. It's more like they put teeth marks into it and rough up the ends. These are a little heavy and very hard but we suppose you could use them for fetch outdoors too. 
Who It’s For
The Femur Alternatives are good for chewers who like a challenge. They come in different sizes making them appropriate for any breed although Nylabone puts a limit of dogs up to 50 pounds on this particular toy.
What To Be Aware Of
The Femur Alternative is heavy and very hard and while that doesn't seem to matter to the dogs, it is noisy when they chew on it and while playing with it on hard surfaces indoors. Like all chew toys, pet parent supervision is recommended. 
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