Alternative Antler Chew Dog Toy Review (Nylabone)

 Alternative Antler Chew Dog Toy
What It Is
The Nylabone Antler Alternative Chew Dog Toy is a realistic looking replica of deer and elk antlers, which are commonly used as chew toys for dog. Unfortunately some of those are lower-grade antlers, which can splinter and chip, making it dangerous for the dog. Nylabone's Antler Alternative doesn't chip, splinter, or break apart. It's also good for gum stimulation since it has grooves and bumps on on its outer layer. The Antler Alternative is laced with an artificial venison flavor, which should further the attraction of this toy to dogs. 
Is It Fun?
The Nylabone Antler Alternative Chew Dog Toy will entertain the even the toughest chewers for hours with little worry about breaking, chipping, or splintering. Although this is fairly heavy and very hard, we think it could be used for fetching if it's your dog's favorite toy.
Who It’s For
The Nylabone Antler Alternative is for any dog who likes aggressively chewing and enjoys a good challenge. This dog toy comes in different sizes so it would be appropriate for any size dog up to 50 pounds.
What To Be Aware Of
Pet parent supervision is recommended when your dog is chomping on this toy. Even though it won't break or splinter, nothing is indestructible. The venison flavoring is artificial. The Alternative Antler is hard and is noisy on hard, indoor surfaces.
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