Automatic Pet Safety Leash Review (Nifti Safe Latch)

Automatic Pet Safety Leash
What It Is
The Nifti SafeLatch is a new design in dog leashes that makes it safer and easier to use. Most dog leashes have a barrel-bolt snap to fasten it to the collar. Sometimes it's not as strong as it should be or it fails when used in wet weather. It can also be a bit difficult to attach if you have a dog who gets very excited for a walk. The Nifti SafeLatch has an easy thumb-shape level and a high-powered magnet, which will lift and connect with most collar "D" rings if it's made of steel. The design also includes a hollowed-out crevice in the ring that allows the bolt to slide into the ring, which is safer and should prevent dogs from pulling out of their leashes. Nifti SafeLatch says their product was tested by an independent, outside firm and this product exceeds a pull force of over 660 pounds. 
Why Is It Useful?
The Nifti SafeLatch leash gives pet parents of larger breeds and extreme pullers some peace of mind knowing it's designed with your dog's safety in mind. The high-powered magnet is extremely handy and makes the hook-up easier. And, the bolt that slides all the way into, not just against the hook, ensures that your dog won't accidentally pull out of the clasp.
Who It’s For
The Nifti SafeLatch Leash could be used for any size dog, although it is a bit large for small breeds. The Nifti SafeLatch is ideal for larger breeds and heavy pullers.
What To Be Aware Of
The Nifti SafeLatch is one inch by six foot. It comes in five colors: black, red, blue, neon pink, and neon orange.

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