PassBack Pee Wee Size Football Review (Pass Back)

PassBack Pee Wee Size Football
What It Is
The PassBack Pee Wee Football is a junior version of the PassBack football, which allows kids of all ages to throw and catch a football without needing another player. The PassBack football is shaped like half of a football, with the other end rounded so it bounces off walls back to the passer. It's also a good throwing football that is fun with players.

Is It Fun?
This football is really easy to throw and catch. Football spirals are easy to toss, the plastic laces made for a good grip, and the small size of the ball made it very easy to catch. Most importantly, the ball bounces consistently off the wall and performs as advertised. This is fun whether alone, or with a friend.
Who It’s For
While this football isn't age graded, we think kids 5 and up would like it. Football fans of all ages can play with this football. Our team preferred this ball over the regular version.
What To Be Aware Of
We would advise using only against cement or concrete walls.

This is available in two sizes. Each is sold separately.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy