Coda 2-Way Infant Carrier Review (Chicco)

Coda 2-Way Infant Carrier
What It Is

For parents who want to wear their babies, the Coda 2-Way Infant Carrier makes it a snap. The carrier, which comes in a graphite color scheme, can be used inward- or outward-facing and has a lot of great features to make it easy and comfortable to wear. First, there is adjustable lumbar support for the parent with a breathable, mini-vented lining. Second, it features two-direction adjustable side straps for a more comfortable fit. And most importantly, it's very easy to get baby in and out of the carrier. The side clips open up and can be locked and unlocked with just one hand so that you're able to keep your other hand on the baby. 

And for baby's comfort, there is a zip-on hood that you can use in inward-facing mode to offer baby additional warmth and protection. It also has padded leg holes and soft, breathable fabric.

Why Is It Useful?
We can't stress enough the word “easy” with this baby carrier. It's easy to adjust the straps. It's easy to get a baby in and out of the carrier. And it's easy and comfortable to wear. This allows parents to carry their baby and get that closeness but while keeping their hands free to go about their normal routines.
Who It’s For
The Coda baby carrier is for use with babies from 7.5 pounds to 25 pounds. Only use the outward-facing position with a baby who can hold his head upright. This occurs around 4 months of age.
What To Be Aware Of

It is recommended that you place your infant in the carrier while sitting.

Spot clean the carrier with a damp cloth and mild, soapy water. You can also hand-wash it in cold water and let it air dry.

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