Sew Science GloBots Review (SmartLab)

Sew Science GloBots
What It Is

Science meets sewing in the Sew Science GloBots kit. This comes with 30 pieces for sewing three different robots that will all light up when connected. The robots come in pre-cut felt pieces with printed guides to show kids where to stick the components. And the instructions include short tutorials on basic sewing techniques, such as a running stitch and a whipstitch, for kids who have never sewn before. First sew the Mom-Bot, and then sew Pop-Bot and Baby-Bot. Snap all six robot hands together in a circle, push the button on Mom-Bot's tummy, and watch as all of the robots light up in what is a completed electric circuit.

Is It Fun?
In theory, this craft kit is supposed to be a fun way to introduce circuits and electricity to kids, and with its pre-cut pieces and holes, it's supposed to be easy for even beginner sewers to complete. While it does meet the science part of its goal by giving kids information on electricity, electric currents, electric circuits, and how it all works together when you connect the three robots, the actual sewing is rather difficult. This is in part due to the confusing instructions (see What to Be Aware of below) and the time it requires to complete all three robots. Kids who have some sewing experience and patience might fare better with this sewing activity.
Who It’s For
Sew Science GloBots is for crafty kids ages 8 and up. It's a hands-on introduction to some scientific concepts, especially for kids who don't think science can be fun. Because the felt pieces have pre-cut holes that guide you along as you sew, it's designed to be easy for beginner sewers, but the instructions make it a bit confusing, so we think that this is better suited to kids who have sewing experience and the patience to complete the craft.
What To Be Aware Of

It took us one hour to sew one robot, and while it was easy to guide the needle through the pre-cut holes, the instructions were confusing, and we found ourselves having to unthread our robot and start over several times. Another thing we didn't like about the instructions is that measurements for how much thread you'll need are not provided for each sewing step, so you'll want to be careful, especially when using the conductive thread, so that you don't run out before you're done with all your robots.

Along with the 13 pre-cut, perforated felt pieces, four LEDs, three sets of two-part snaps, nine accessories, safety needle, 20 double-stick tape dots, stuffing, embroidery thread, conductive thread, and a battery/pushbutton, you'll need to provide scissors.

The kit comes with two non-replaceable button cell batteries.

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