Pooch Selfie Review (Clever Dog Products)

Pooch Selfie
What It Is
Pooch Selfie is a squeaky ball-clip attachment that's placed on top of a smartphone. This makes it easier to take photos of your dog because the dog focuses on the ball now sitting on top of the phone. Works with most iPhone or Android phones. It may not fit over very thick phone covers. You can use your dog's favorite small ball in the clip rather than the one provided. There are no apps to download. It's a simple attachment placed on top of your phone.
Why Is It Useful?
Selfies are all the rage on social media followed closely by cute pictures of beloved pets. This simple device makes getting that perfect picture a little bit easier especially if your dog is an avid ball fetcher to begin with.
Who It’s For
The Pooch Selfie is for any pet parent who pet won't pose for a photo. There is no app to download so this is easy for anyone to use.
What To Be Aware Of
The Pooch Selfie will not work on smartphones that have thick protective covers like OtterBox and LifeProof. 

The phone becomes a little top-heavy with this attachment, making one-handed pictures are a little tricky.

There is no app to download. This is a simple phone attachment.

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