Eco Pouncer Review (Honest Pet Products)

Eco Pouncer
What It Is
The Eco Pouncer by Honest Pet Products is a natural cat toy that stimulates your cat's senses with its 100 percent natural sheep's wool and natural yak hair. It's approximately four-inches long plus there's a braided, natural yak hair that dangles from the body of the mouse. It's a great mouse toy that slides across the floor with ease and will excite your kitty to hunt, stalk, POUNCE, and play with it! Cats will get lots of exercise with The Eco Pouncer by Honest Pet Products. They are handcrafted by rural Mongolian women supporting their impoverished families and protecting the snow leopards in Mongolia. This product is packaged by disabled adults in Green Bay, Wisconsin and is 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed by Honest Pet Products. 
Is It Fun?
The Eco Pouncer by Honest Pet Products provides hours of fun and entertainment for your kitty because it's not just your average mouse toy. This mouse toy is fun for cats because it stimulates their senses with it's all natural fibers. Cats are naturally attracted to the 100 percent natural sheep's wool scent and texture and love the feeling of the braided yak tail. They will have a field day playing with this mouse by hunting, stalking, and POUNCING on this eco-friendly Eco Pouncer. 
Who It’s For
The Eco Pouncer by Honest Pet Products is a toy that's great for your favorite little feline friend that has great hunting skills. They will love hunting, stalking, and pouncing on it. It's especially great for cat parents that enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle. It's made by Honest Pet Products that uses natural fibers and gives $2 of each product to help eliminate poverty and save the Snow Leopards of Mongolia. Who doesn't love a product that gives back? 
What To Be Aware Of
This is a fantastic all-natural product that cats will love. Fibers do tend to fray after excessive use, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for when kitty has had too much playtime with this toy so they are not ingesting too many fibers. 
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