Eco Catty Pillar Review (Honest Pet Products)

Eco Catty Pillar
What It Is
The Eco Catty Pillar is a totally sustainable, natural cat toy that cats will love to bat around and play with! This colorful caterpillar toy is made from natural, organic, felted wool. The toy is held together by a natural hemp twine. Cats love these eco-friendly materials! A half-inch jingle bell dangles from the bottom of the Eco Catty Pillar tail for fun sounds that will attract your cat. The natural lanolin aroma is appealing to cats and they are immediately drawn to the scent. 
Is It Fun?
Cats are immediately drawn to the lanolin aroma and bright colors. It rolls around the floor like a caterpillar and cats will have fun stalking and chasing it as it rolls. 
Who It’s For
This is ideal for adventurous cats who love to play with outdoor creatures. It is ideal for eco-conscious families who want their pet's items to be eco-friendly as well. 
What To Be Aware Of
Do not leave your cat alone with this toy because it contains small parts. The toy can be hand washed. 
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